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Survival and plans for the week

All cells looked good, even those plated on non-collagen dishes (but these like all the others look pretty actin-fiber-filled). Some cell death but not over-much.

Should be working in quarantine now because re-thawed cells, until the mycoplasma test is finished.

Rat tail collagen from BD Biosciences, ref 354236 lot 32334. This is at 3.92 mg/mL. Should dilute to 50 μg/mL. This is a factor of dilution = 78.4. Dilute in PBS, though BD suggests in 0.02N acetic acid? (Millipore in 0.01N and I think last time, I used PBS. No wonder it agglomerated. Used 0.02N acetic acid in the end.)

  • Heather 04:14, 23 March 2009 (EDT):

Ordered GP Express Plus membrane 0.22μm 150 mL receiver bottle cat no. SCGPU01RE from the magasin, as well as stuff to clean computers. Did MB work for the genomics/eye project.

  • Heather 10:33, 23 March 2009 (EDT):
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