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Orders and receipts

Received part of Sigma order, not the medium but just the ethidium bromide

Got all the BD Biocoat plates (100 35 mm, 25 large flasks). Pass cells tomorrow.

Received the Mouse anti-KI67 (Zymed via Invitrogen) and CellTracker Green CMFDA (Molecular Probes via same). Will need to test for cytotoxicity of the other at loading concentrations of 0.5-25 μM.

Wrote Steve Lisgo at Newcastle about embryo use and making our databases compatible.

Found Crisan et al., 2008 in Cell Stem Cell. Ever since my Ph.D. thesis, I knew, as Arnold Caplan is now convinced, that mesenchymal stem cells are pericytes (although not all pericytes are MSC) and that cephalic neural crest-derived pericytes are likely to be the quiescent stem cells in a number of niches. What do you know, my thesis is consultable here under catalogue number 99 PA06 6122!

  • Heather 11:24, 16 September 2008 (EDT):
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