Endy:Screening plasmid/v1.0/High BG RFP

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  • <bbpart>I13507</bbpart> - B0034.E1010.B0015
  • <bbpart>I13571</bbpart> - hairpin.B0034.E1010.B0015
  • <bbpart>I13580</bbpart> - 1/2INS.hairpin.B0034.E1010.B0015
  • <bbpart>I13528</bbpart> - INS.hairpin.B0034.E1010.B0015
  • Negative - CW2553/pJat8 (no BB vector)

Related parts

<bbpart>I13579</bbpart> - 1/2INS.hairpin


  1. Look at the expression from <bbpart>I13520</bbpart> under high and low induction, based on the above data having even the hairpin alone increases the BG 10X. If we can see RFP under induction without the hairpin that would be fine. Then would have to check if pBAD.RFP.GFP looked OK under high induction.
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