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Construct Purpose Constructed Sequence verified Tested
pSB1AC3-R0040.B0030.p53ZFF1F2.JunD.B0015 To better control for load effects. Yes Yes No
BBa_C2004 Codon-optimized repressor which binds to 12bp operator Yes (pSB4A3-R0040.B0030.C2004.B0015 colony 2 and pCR4-TOPO-B0030.C2004.B0015 colony 1) Yes No
BBa_C2005 Repressor without His tag Yes (pCR4-TOPO-B0030.C2005 colony 16) Yes No
BBa_C2006 Repressor with N-terminal MBP Failed, repeating No No
BBa_C2007 Repressor with C-terminal MBP Failed, repeating No No
BBa_R2109 Promoter with optimally placed 12bp operator site Yes (pSB4A3-R2109 colony 3) Yes No
BBa_R2114 Promoter with near optimally placed 12bp operator site Yes Yes No
New promoter series Promoters with 14bp operator. To be designed.

Does anyone have problems amplifying R0040? Seemed to work when cloned into low copy plasmids.

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