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In general, the order of things is important. For a familiar example, when building a house, we construct a foundation first, then set up a pillar. If we ignore the order of construction, we can’t build a house. Similarly, if we ignore the order of arithmetic operations in mathematics, the answer will be incorrect. In living things, the order of reactions in metabolic systems such as glycolytic system and the citric acid cycle is also important.
The idea of “order” has not been much considered in the field of generating the system of chemical reactions which has input and output imitating living organisms. For example, in the field of DNA computing, output of logic gate only depends on the combination of inputs.
Here, we designed a new system which takes advantage of the techniques developed in the field. In our system, various output DNA fragment is released from a input single strand DNA in a programmable manner. Liposome which contains molecules can be attached to the output DNA. As a demonstration, we contained taste substances in the liposome.

Application to Molecular Gastronomy

Our system, which releases taste substances in a programmed order, provides us a novel approach to “Molecular Gastronomy”. Molecular gastronomy is a new type of cooking, in which a variety of new taste and new texture have been invented. At present, food which gives us a sensation of tastes in a pre-determined order can be made, but the order and the types of the tastes are fixed. By our system, it is possible to provide an arbitrary long sequence of many tastes in our favorite order, such as an appetizer in French, soup in Chinese, the Entrée in Japanese, and dessert in American. It allows us to experience a variety of tastes from all over the world in a spoon, that is, “World Taste Travel.”

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