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Our goal was to get different output signals in order from one input signal over time with DNA circuits. In this project, the output signals were liposomes including taste substances. If output signals are changed, this project will be able to apply to many other works.

We propose two examples: one is DDS. Several kinds of medicine can be released over time by containing them in a liposome. We hope that this system enables patients to take different kinds of medicine at regular intervals, and to lighten the burden imposed on their body.

Another is taste control. In our project, we put importance on reproducing the taste of food from each country around the world. If taste control system is realized by releasing taste substances by DNA circuits, you can eat foods you do not like, or children can take bitter medicine. This system enables people to eat foods they do not like without an unpleasant feeling, to ingesting nutrients efficiently, and to improve their health.

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