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Project Title

'TRINITY'---a potential origami-based theranostic agent in anti-cancer therapy.

Project abstract

TRINITY'---a potential origami-based theranostic agent in anti-cancer therapy
TRINITY'---a potential origami-based theranostic agent in anti-cancer therapy

Self-Assembly DNA origami, a breakthrough in Structural DNA nanotechnology by using hundreds of short ‘staple’ strands to mediate the folding of a long scaffold Single Stranded DNA from M13 phage genome to produce a variety of 2D and 3D nanostructures, have provided numerous possibilities for researchers to exploit for physical and biological applications.
As an improved approach, our team has explored the possibility of design and preparation of a nanoparticle-based theranostic agent. We use self-Assembly DNA origami as a carrier. Built on the scaffold of the origami, we call for the conjugation with folic acid (a widely employed targeting agent for cancer cells), chlorambucil (an anticancer drug for chemotherapic action) and graphene quantum dot (a biocompatible fluorescent imaging agent), affording a potential theranostic device with targeting, diagnostic and therapeutic function.
The fabricated “origami cargo” will be characterized by southern blot , Atomic force microscopy and fluorescence measurement. The cytotoxicity and cell uptake efficiency in living cancer cells will be explored using MTT assay and confocal microscopy.


Project Highlight

  1. Conjugation of folic acid, chlorambucil & graphene quantum dot on amino terminal ssDNAs separately.
  2. The functionalized DNA origami has a mild cytotoxicity to the HK-1 cancer cell line,the cell uptake efficiency is confirmed by confocal microscopy.
  3. The fabricated “origami cargo”,capable of diagnosis, drug delivery and monitoring of therapeutic response,reveals a promising potential to develop personalized medicine in anti-cancer therapy.
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