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Result of SAM

    Image1 shows the state of thiol-modified DNA and gold-deposited cover glass reaction. Spot ① and ④ are phosphate and saline buffer. Spot ② and ⑤ are phosphate and saline buffer that DNA was dissolved in. Spot ③ and ⑥ are phosphate and saline buffer that thiol-modified DNA was dissolved. Final concentration of phosphate and saline buffer are the same in these spot. But ①、② and ③ are added NaCl concentration immediately after 24 hours of incubation. On the other hand ④, ⑤, and ⑥ are intended to raise the concentration of NaCl every 2 hours after 24 hours of incubation for 6hours, then incubate more 16hours. In image2, gold-deposited cover glass is washed with 3 × SSC, then it was blotted on the surface of the water.
    We observe that there were few signs anything after washing in ①,②,④ and ⑤.On the other hand, ③ and ⑥ were left water. This is expected that this spot of gold surface is covered with DNA by thiol conjugation, and became partially hydrophilic. Other spots are still hydrophobic in that there are no conjugations of DNA.
    From this result, we were determined that thiol conjugation is completed.
Incubated for 48 hours at a gold plate
Suck out the water after incubation
Washed away gold plate surface by 3 × SSC after sucking out the water
condition Hydrophilic layers are stretched in spot ③ and ⑥ Hydrophilic layers are still stretched in spot ③ and ⑥
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