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To develop the three devices, we did following things.

DNA ciliate body

DNA ciliate body is micrometer-sized object which is attached DNA. This device is used in all three modes, so this device has response to external environment. We use polystyrene beads as micrometer-sized object and tried to construct DNA ciliate body.
  • Construction of micrometer-sized DNA ciliate body

micrometer-sized DNA track

DNA track is DNAs which is attached to glass plate directly. DNA ciliate is micrometer-sized, so DNA ciliate can’t use DNA origami, so we used this DNA track. DNA track’s form can be processed finely and freely. We tried to construct micrometer-sized and any shape of DNA track.
  • Construction of thin tracks as the diameter of DNA ciliate
  • Construction of any shapes of tracks

DNA Devices

DNA Devices are what we used DNAs for this project. We made various DNA devices like deoxyribozyme and UV-switching-DNA. Especially, UV-switching-DNA is what we designed by ourselves. We tried to confirm whether our designed DNAs work.
  • Design of DNA-DNA interaction mechanisms
    • Deoxyribozyme-substrate reaction
    • UV-switching system
  • Sequence design
  • Confirmation of DNA-DNA interaction mechanisms
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