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All Experiments related to Dyes and DNA Binders

Aug 11th Measured absorption and emission spectra of Atto 550 and Atto 647N together with DNA binders
Aug 17th Measuring the absorption coefficients and concentrations of single stranded labled DNA
Aug 23th Preparing DAPI concentration series for the helix MH255/256
Aug 24th Labeling oligos with fluorophores
Aug 25th Determined Concentrations of Labeled Oligos
Aug 30th Measurement of DAPI concentration series for the helix MH255/256 in Real Time PCR
Sep 1st Real time PCR with MH_255_647N and MH_256_550 adding ethidium bromide and spermine
Sep 6th Photometric spectroscopy of MH_255_647 and MH_256_550 with EtBr
Sep 19th Labeled oligonucleotides & Determination of absorption coefficient of unlabeled the_U_172 and the_U_173
Sep 20th Measured concentrations of labeled oligonucleotides
Oct 18th labeled oligonucleotides for twisted structure BM25