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19th Oct 2011

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Camera Calibration

In order to make quantitative measurements of the distance of two flourophores we had to calibrate our fluorescence microscope. Therefore we took a picture of 5 scale bars (10 µm middle to middle).
Hence the orientation isn't exactly vertically, we measured the horizontal shift of the bars to get the angle. With this we can calculate the right distance in pixels between the bars. So our calibration is:
101.03nm / px

Calibration file: Image:Calibration cam green.xls


Determined Concentrations of labeled Oligonucleotides

  • Staple 110 (helix 4) with ddUTP Atto 550: 0.7 µM
  • Staple 164 (helix 29) with ddUTP Atto 647N: 3.2 µM

Folded Structure BM25_4/29

BM25_4/29 is intrinsically twisted, as BM24, but with fluorophors at staple 110 (helix 4, ddUTP Atto 550) and staple 164 (helix 29, dd UTP Atto 647N).
10 µl each of both labeled oligonucleotides were added to the folding batch, replacing the usual 20µl ddH2O. Folding ramps 15_65 and 2D_H3_ML were applied for one folding batch each.