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21th Sep 2011

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Observed TEM Grids from 2011/09/16

BM2 with 25µM EtBr is strongly deformed in comparison to BM2 without DNA binders (see Fig. 1):

BM2 without DNA binders (left); BM2 with 25µM EtBr (right)

With 75µM, no origamis can be found, but only structures in the background, probably fragments of destroyed origamis due to the high concentration of EtBr (Fig. 2 left). 100µM spermine cause massive aggregation of the structures, as expected from the previous measurements at the fluorescence microscope (Fig. 2 right).


BM2 with 100µM EtBr (left); BM2 with 100µM spermine (right)