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17th Aug 2011

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Measuring the Absorption Coefficients and Concentrations of Single Stranded Labled DNA

determined the absorption coefficients of MH_255 and MH_256 as well as the concentrations of the labeled MH_255 (Atto 647N ddUTP) and MH_256 (Atto 550ddCTP) according to standard procedures


ε260 (MH_255) = 1.58e5 M-1cm-1
ε260 (MH_256) = 1.59e5 M-1cm-1
coefficients are in good agreement with structure based prediction

c (MH_255 Atto 647N ddUTP) = 2.8µM
c (MH_256 Atto 550 ddCTP) = 7.1µM