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Thursday (2011-06-16)

  • This morning I did some error checking on the Excel document I completed yesterday. Then, I worked on isolating the staple strands located on the seam of Sherrie's sphere. My ultimate goal is to manipulate these strands so that they may be cleaved by a restriction enzyme (via a specific palindromic sequence), UV light (via the incorporation of azobenzene), or via DTT (via the incorporation of a disulfide bond).
  • This afternoon we had a group meeting with Professor Yin, Professor Shih, Adam, and several graduate students and postdocs from both labs.
  • We talked about some new ideas for box opening mechanisms and attachment schemes for cargo, including the possibility of using a complete torus shape.
  • Some other ideas we talked about included:

Congrats Bruins! (2011 Stanley Cup Champions)