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Selected publications

  • Chakkalakal, J., Jones, K., Basson, M.A. & Brack, A.S. (2012) The aged niche disrupts muscle stem cell quiescence. Nature 490:355-360.
  • Gardiner, J.R., Gordon, J., Jackson, A.L., Lickert, H., Manley, N.R. & Basson, M.A. (2012) Localised inhibition of FGF signalling in the third pharyngeal pouch is required for normal thymus and parathyroid organogenesis. Development 139:3456-3466.
  • Simrick, S., Szumska, D., Gardiner, J., Jones, K., Sagar, K., Morrow, B., Bhattacharya, S. & Basson, M.A. (2012) Biallelic expression of Tbx1 protects the embryo from development defects caused by increased receptor tyrosine kinase signaling. Dev. Dyn. 241:1310-24.
  • Yu, T., Yaguchi, Y., Echevarria, D., Martinez, S. & Basson, M.A. (2011) Sprouty genes prevent excessive FGF signalling in multiple cell types throughout development of the cerebellum. Development 138: 2957-2968.
  • Randall, V., McCue, K., Roberts, C., Kyriakopoulou, V., Beddow, S., Vitelli, F., Prescott, K., Shaw-Smith, C., Devriendt, K., Bosman, E., Steffes, G., Steel, K., Simrick, S., Basson, M.A., Illingworth, E. & Scambler, P. (2009) Great vessel development requires biallelic expression of Chd7 and Tbx1 in pharyngeal ectoderm in mice. J. Clin. Invest. 119: 3301-3310.
  • Yaguchi, Y., Yu, T., Ahmed, M.U., Berry, M., Mason, I. & Basson, M.A. (2009) FGF gene expression in the developing cerebellum suggests multiple roles for FGF signaling during cerebellar morphogenesis and development. Dev. Dyn. 238:2058-2072.
  • Thum, T., Gross, C., Fiedler, J., Fischer, T., Kissler, S., Bussen, M., Galuppo, P., Just, J., Rottbauer, W., Frantz, S., Castoldi, M., Soutschek, J., Koteliansky, V., Rosenwald, A., Basson, M.A., Licht, J.D., Pena, J.T.R., Muckenthaler, M., Tuschl, T., Martin, G.R., Bauersachs, J. & Engelhardt, S. (2008) MicroRNA-21 derepresses fibroblast MAP kinase signaling and contributes to myocardial disease. Nature 456: 980-986.
  • Basson, M.A., Echevarria, D., Peterson Ahn, C, Sudarov, A., Joyner, A.L., Mason, I.J., Martinez, S. & Martin, G.R. (2008) Specific regions within the embryonic midbrain and cerebellum require different levels of FGF signaling during development. Development 135: 889-898
  • Mason, J.M., Morrison, D.J., Basson, M.A. & Licht, J.D. (2006) Sprouty proteins: Multifaceted negative feedback regulators of receptor tyrosine kinase signalling. Trends Cell Biol. 16: 45-54
  • Basson, M.A., Akbulut, S., Watson-Johnson J., Simon, R., Carroll, T.J., Shakya, R., Gross, I., Martin, G.R., Lufkin, T., McMahon, A.P., Wilson, P.D., Costantini, F.D., Mason, I.J. & Licht, J.D. (2005). Sprouty1 is a critical regulator of GDNF/Ret-mediated kidney induction. Developmental Cell. 8: 229-239

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