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iGEM Behind the Scenes at iGEM Labs

All iGEM members are welcome to share their videos here...

Beth at Rice University tours us through the student lab "dungeon" renovations July 12, 2006

My Dinner with Raul. Driving to Fogo de Chão for decidely non-vegetarian fare. July 10, 2006

A tour of the Oklahoma iGEM team facilities July 7, 2006

Matt and Laura at Austin, Texas describe the refined bacterial bio-film "camera" July 5, 2006

Meagan discussing robotic assemblies June 16, 2006

Going for "ice cream" after the EU Teach the Teachers meeting June 12, 2006 (low-res)

Meagan demonstrates serial pipetting with the iGEM robot June 8, 2006

James explaining bacterial traffic light device using PoPS June 8, 2006(low-res)

James walking through PPT on iGEM and the Registry June 8, 2006

iGEM Missouri PI Jeff P. in Todd's office "meeting" with the Davidson iGEM team June 8, 2006

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