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  • Run UV-Vis of Absorbance vs. time of the HRP assay.
  • Abigail E. Miller 11:11, 7 October 2012 (EDT): that is what you did to accomplish your goal. yor goal is to test the activity of HRP in the presence of AuNPs by using a Uv-Vis Absorbance HRP assay.


  • We ran multiple UV-Vis spectras of the HRP with the gold nanoparticles to examine the impact that the NPs had on the kinetics of the reaction.
  • Abigail E. Miller 11:13, 7 October 2012 (EDT): this needs to tell me exactly what you did. what solutions you mixed? how long did it take? what concentrations? what were the parameters for the Uv-VIs? what do you need to know to exactly reproduce this from your notebook only.


  • We ran 5 main tests and several of the tests multiple times to confirm the data. The multiple tests showed that the experiment was not really reproducible because we seemed to be getting different spectras every time.
Trial run A ' ' ' ' ' '
Cuvethydrogen peroxide concentration (mM)Iodophenol in DMSO concentration (μM)AAP Concentration (μM)HRP concentration (μM)μL of gold np addedμL of water added
1( standard)1.718156.252.30630
Total volume added750 μL10 μL35 μL22 μL

The amount of HRP was changed from 22μL to 33μL because the 22μL in the cuvet did not give a linear spectra, just a horizontal line. More was needed in order to really push the reaction.

HRP with AuNPs

Excel spreadsheet of data.



Graphs of the data should be found on Mary's notebook and analysis of data and rate reactions will be on in the future.

  • Abigail E. Miller 11:14, 7 October 2012 (EDT):you need to check that before you make the link back to someone else's notebook..

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