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This Page contains all the information regarding DNA-Overstretching experiments and results.

Proof of DNA-tethering

Two video presents good DNA-tethers in H2O and D2O. For some reason D2O tethers look little better. Each moving bead has a ds-DNA tether which is roughly 1500nm long (4.4kb; 110ng/ml; 02/11/11). The bead size is 530nm diameter. This sample is prepared in water and heavy water for DNA-overstretching experiments which i will discuss below.


Experiment 1 (01/04/2013)

Prepare some new buffers and attempt DNA-tethering in H2O and D2O with 265nm beads (bead radius).

Buffer preparation

BGB is good only for few weeks and it has been over 2 months since i made it last, so i am going to make new BGB and antidig. For more information go to Buffer preparation for DNA overstretching and unzippingexperiments[1]


  • H2O

50mg of BGB + 10ml of H2O 1X POP=5mg/ml BGB 1XPOP H2O 10ml

  • D2O

50mg of BGB + 10ml of D2O 1X POP=5mg/ml BGB 1XPOP D2O 10ml


same for both H2O and D2O since PBS is in H2O only.

20ul of aliquots + 180ul of PBS H2O=200ul of antidig H2O

Sample preparation

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