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  • Continue silver ISE studies for the determination of Ag+ in solution.
  • Filter more 100Ag-LMT, made on ??? for future use.

Calibration Curve of [Ag+] for Silver ISE

  • The calibration curve for [Ag+] was redone in polypropylene containers to account for the adsorption of Ag+ on glassware. AgNO3 solutions made on 2013/03/19 were used and at concentrations according to the table below. Note that the solution of concentration 1 μM AgNO3 was discarded from the calibration curve, because the detection limit of the silver ISE is around 10 μM Ag+.
  • The protocol for calibration is as follows:
    1. Using an automated pipetter, add 3 mL of AgNO3 into a 15-mL polypropylene Falcon tube.
    2. Then using the same method, add 0.060 mL of 5 M KNO3 to the solution as an ionic strength adjustor.
    3. Rinse the silver ISE with deionized water and dry gently with KimWipes.
    4. Place the silver ISE into the AgNO3 solution and allow it to equilibrate.
    5. Record the conductivity value in mV.
    6. Repeat the measurement twice more for each solution to be tested.

Initial [Ag+] [M] Final [Ag+] [M] log [Ag+] [] Conductivity [mV] ' ' Average Conductivity [mV] Standard Deviation [mV] Corrected Conductivity [mV]
Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3


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