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Dude Claire Midnight OK?

  • Chuck: Look, I have to tell you this: I have started this whole thing so maybe one day you might learn something out of it. I put real

energies in understanding how this drug affect the human brain and in particular the NMDA receptor. Now I don't want you to scream or anything like that its name over the top of mountains so people can get all excited breaking their new smart 4G app, but it really piss me off when I try to get supper to have annoying electromagnetical waves to interfere with my own light.

  • Oracle: Would it be too much asking for you to get ahead of machines or do you give up yet ?
  • Chuck: Very funny... Hey just so you know this page is about DCM. Meaning i got to at some point remove all this crap to put informative data

about this DCM chemical.

  • Oracle: LOL. See also: Chloroform
  • Chuck: LOL.
  • Oracle: All right... I gotta take some crazy kush to get my mind clear on certain things...
  • Oracle: This world is not acceptable the way it is and must get redesigned.
  • Chuck: True. We synthetic biologists like to redesign life to fit our corporate agenda.
  • Oracle: Kinda like resigning to understand the reasons of being human i guess.
  • Chuck: poor little scientist!
  • Oracle: Nah. they living ok. Don't worry about them. Perhaps focus on DCM next time.
  • Chuck: do you teach the way you learn?
  • Oracle: of Courses! all the Time!
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