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==Leo d'Espaux==
==Leo d'Espaux==
Visiting Researcher<br/>
Postdoctoral Research Fellow<br/>
Smolke Lab<br/>
Joint BioEnergy Institute<br/>
Stanford Bioengineering
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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Leo d'Espaux

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Joint BioEnergy Institute
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Caltech , 2013
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Caltech , 2007
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Cornell , 2005


My research concerns synthetic regulation of eukaryotic gene expression for applications in green production of chemicals and gene therapy.


  1. LD d’Espaux, YH Wang, and CD Smolke. 2013. A modular genetic amplifier for near-digital control over eukaryotic gene expression. In preparation.
  2. LD d’Espaux, AB Kennedy, JV Vowles, and CD Smolke. 2013. Synthetic protein-responsive ribozyme switches in eukaryotic cells. In preparation.
  3. Y Li, YD Tseng, SY Kwon, LD d’Espaux, JS Bunch, PL McEuen and D Luo. 2004. Controlled assembly of dendrimer-like DNA. Nature Materials 3, 38-42.


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