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Remains of the Day

  • Figures for paper - (Fig 1 would be pics of vine decline field, root lesions, grafted tomatoes, and soil amendment) (Figure 2- yield results from grafted plants and amended plants)(Figure 3 - TRFLP results from field) (Figure 4 - TRFLP results from growth room)(Figure 5 - Virtual TRFLP results of untreated vs pasteurized soil with overlay of sequencing)(Figure 6 - Going over field data with real time PCR to double check our leads)
  • Streak out plates of potato bacterial isolates for the potato innoculation experiment on Thursday (did 96 well plating on R2A and TYA with glycerol 2)
  • Stephanie finished extracting DNA from roots and rhizospheres of the first Albion strawberry speedling growth room assay. Put into 96 well plate and frozen away for later.

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