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Name: Amanda Zimmerman Date: January 16th, 2014 Location: The Prairie Biotic factors: Grass, leaves, soil, flowers, and bushes Abiotic factors: Fertilizer, concrete bench, metal lining separating the soil from the walkway, "Freidheim Quadrangle" sign, and walkway stones Photos: Description of area: This 20' by 20' square is located on the Quad in front of Hurst Hall. It's composed primarily of a spacious grass area. There is an arc of soil, including shrubbery and a portion of the "Freidheim quadrangle" sign. Between the soil area and the walkway is a metal lining. There are very few leaves or flowers left on the shrubbery, due to the extreme wintery conditions. Within that arc is another, smaller arc consisting of a stone walkway and concrete bench.

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