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Scaled up Silica-Coating Procedure

Original: 1mL AuNP & MHA solution/2μL TES/0.125mL NH4OH/5mL 2-propanol

1) Re-scale to use 9mL AuNP/MHA solution

New: 9mL AuNP&MHA solution/18uL TES/1.125mL NH4OH/45mL 2-propanol

2) Stir solutions for one hour to allow reaction to proceed

3) Centrifuge solutions at 4000 rpm for one hour

4) Re-suspend particles in water


Original concentration of AuNP/MHA solution is 4.7nM


x= 0.767nM

0.767x10^-9moles/L x 1L/1000mL x 36mL = 2.7612 x 10^-11 moles AuNP total

2.7612 x 10^-11 moles AuNP x 6.02 x 10^23 particles/mole = 1.66 x 10^13 total Au nanoparticles

  • We want a 5nM solution

5x10^-9 moles/L x 1L/1000mL x 6.02x10^23 particles/mole = 3.01 x 10^12 particles/mL

1.66 x 10^13 particles / x = 3.01 x10^12 particles/1 mL

x = 5.52mL

Dilute AuNP in 5.52mL water after removing supernantant

5.52mL/24 vials = 230uL per vial.

DNA Attachment Procedure 1

DNA Attachment Procedure 2

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