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original concentration of thiol-DNA- 53.1μM
original concentration of thiol-DNA- 53.1μM
53.1μM (x) = (17.8μM)(500μL)
53.1μM (x) = (17.8μM)(250μL)
x= 167.63μL in 332.37μL buffer
x= 83.8μL in 166.2μL buffer
''Preparing 20μM ThT''
''Preparing 20μM ThT''

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  • React thiol-DNA/ThT/AuNP at 150:1 concentrations of thiol-DNA:AuNP
  • Run 2% agarose gel on thiol-DNA/ThT/AuNP synthesized on 04/23/2013
  • Take absorbance and fluorescence measurements of thiol-DNA/ThT before and after attaching AuNP


  • New AuNP synthesized is 29.67nM with a diameter of 10nm

Previous concentrations used:

Initial Final
thiol-DNA 5.82μM 727.5nM
ThT 5μM 625nM
AuNP 19.4nM 9.7nM

To be used:

Initial Final
thiol-DNA 17.8μM 2.225μM
ThT 20μM 2.5μM
AuNP 29.67nM 14.835nM


Preparing 17.8μM thiol-DNA

original concentration of thiol-DNA- 53.1μM

53.1μM (x) = (17.8μM)(250μL) x= 83.8μL in 166.2μL buffer

Preparing 20μM ThT

original conc ThT= 5mM

5mM (x) = (0.02mM)(10mL) x=40μL in 9960μL H2O

Part 1: hybridizing thiol-DNA with ThT

1) Mix 250μL 17.8μM thiol-DNA with 250μL 20μM ThT

  • NEW concentrations: 8.9μM thiol-DNA and 10μM ThT

2) Heat at 75°C for ~25min

3) Cool to room temperature

4) Take UV-Vis/Fluorescence measurements of thiol-DNA/ThT sample

Part 2: Hybridizing thiol-DNA/ThT with AuNP


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