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#imai pmid=22722205
#imai pmid=22722205
#sensor Zhang F, Carothers J, Keasling JD. Design of a dynamic sensor-regulator system for production of chemicals and fuels derived from fatty acids. Nature Biotechnology 2012, doi:10.1038/nbt.2149
#sensor Zhang F, Carothers J, Keasling JD. Design of a dynamic sensor-regulator system for production of chemicals and fuels derived from fatty acids. Nature Biotechnology 2012, doi:10.1038/nbt.2149
==Aged Out==
#Li_G pmid=22456704
#Low pmid=22314289
#regot pmid=21150900
#Moss-Racusin pmid=22988126
#Nevozhay pmid=23385595
#Na pmid=23334451
#Pezo pmid=23447021
#Berthoumieux pmid=23340840
#Hanauer pmid=23222833
#Hajdin pmid=23503844
#Valderrama-Rincon JD, et al. An engineered eukaryotic protein glycosylation pathway in Escherichia coli. Nature Chemical Biology 2012, doi:10.1038/nchembio.921
#The arsenic bacteria paper, the 8 technical comments, and the authors' reply.
#Shen, Claire R., Lan, Ethan I., Dekishima, Yasumasa, Baez, Antonino, Cho, Kwang Myung, Liao, James C. High titer anaerobic 1-butanol synthesis in Escherichia coli enabled by driving forces. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2011 0: AEM.03034-10
#Bond-Watts BB, Bellerose RJ and Chang MC. Enzyme mechanism as a kinetic control element for designing synthetic biofuel pathways. Nature Chemical Biology. April 2011. 222-227.
#Paige, J.S., et al. RNA Mimics of Green Fluorescent Protein. Science 29 July 2011: 333, 642-646.
#Wochner A, Attwater J, Coulson A, Holliger P. Ribozyme-catalyzed transcription of an active ribozyme. Science. 2011 Apr 8;332(6026):209-12.
#baker pmid=22194412
#Brown ME, Walker MC, Nakashige TG, Iavarone AT, Chang MC. Discovery and characterization of heme enzymes from unsequenced bacteria: Application to microbial lignin degradation. JACS 2011, 133, 18006-18009.
#Porter DL, Levine BL, Kalos M, Bagg A, June CH. Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Modified T Cells in Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia. N Engl J Med. 2011 Aug 10.
#Milias-Argeitis A, Summers S, Stewart-Ornstein J, Zuleta I, Pincus D, El-Samad H, Khammash M, Lygeros J. In silico feedback for in vivo regulation of a gene expression circuit. Nature Biotechnology. November 2011.
#Schwanhäusser B, Busse D, Li N, Dittmar G, Schuchhardt J, Wolf J, Chen W, Selbach M.  Global quantification of mammalian gene expression control.  Nature.  2011 May 19;473(7347):337-42.
#Isaacs, F.J., et al. Precise Manipulation of Chromosomes in Vivo Enables Genome-Wide Codon Replacement. Science 15 July 2011: 333 (6040), 348-353.
#Huo YX, Cho KM, Rivera JG, Monte E, Shen CR, Yan Y, Liao JC. Conversion of proteins into biofuels by engineering nitrogen flux. Nat Biotechnol. 2011 Mar 6.
#Gevorg Grigorya, Yong Ho Kim, Rudresh Acharya, Kevin Axelrod, Rishabh M. Jain, Lauren Willis, Marija Drndic, James M. Kikkawa, William F. DeGrado. Computational Design of Virus-Like Protein Assemblies on Carbon Nanotube Surfaces. Science 332, 1071 (2011);DOI: 10.1126/science.1198841
#Fisher MA, McKinley KL, Bradley LH, Viola SR, Hecht MH. De novo designed proteins from a library of artificial sequences function in Escherichia coli and enable cell growth. PLoS One. 2011 Jan 4; 6(1). PMID: 21245923
#Marlière P, Patrouix J, Döring V, Herdewijn P, Tricot S, Cruveiller S, Bouzon M, Mutzel R. Chemical Evolution of a Bacterium's Genome. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2011 Jun 27. doi: 10.1002/anie.201100535.
#Greiss S, and Chin JW. Expanding the Genetic Code of an Animal. J Am Chem Soc. 2011 Aug 8
#Poelwijk FJ, de Vos MG, Tans SJ.  Tradeoffs and Optimality in the Evolution of Gene Regulation.  Cell, 5 August 2011
#Wang, H, Claveau, D, Vaillancourt, JP, Roemer, T, Meredith, TC. High-frequency transposition for determining antibacterial mode of action. Nat Chem Biol. 2011 Sept 04. doi:10.1038/nchembio.643
#Leonard E, Ajikumar PK, Thayer K, Xiao WH, Mo JD, Tidor B, et al. Combining metabolic and protein engineering of a terpenoid biosynthetic pathway for overproduction and selectivity control. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.107(31):13654-9. PMCID: 2922259.
#Matzas M, Stahler PF, Kefer N, Siebelt N, Boisguerin V, Leonard JT, et al. High-fidelity gene synthesis by retrieval of sequence-verified DNA identified using high-throughput pyrosequencing. Nat Biotechnol.28(12):1291-4.
#Kosuri S, Eroshenko N, Leproust EM, Super M, Way J, Li JB, et al. Scalable gene synthesis by selective amplification of DNA pools from high-fidelity microchips. Nat Biotechnol.28(12):1295-9.
#Peter Y Watson and Martha J Fedor. The glmS riboswitch integrates signals from activating and inhibitory metabolites in vivo. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology March 2011: 18 (3), 359-363.
#Lartigue C, Vashee S, Algire MA, Chuang RY, Benders GA, Ma L, et al. Creating bacterial strains from genomes that have been cloned and engineered in yeast. Science. 2009;325(5948):1693-6.
#Iliopoulos D, Hirsch HA, Struhl K. An epigenetic switch involving NF-kappaB, Lin28, Let-7 MicroRNA, and IL6 links inflammation to cell transformation. Cell. 2009;139(4):693-706. PMCID: 2783826.
#Agresti JJ, Antipov E, Abate AR, Ahn K, Rowat AC, Baret JC, et al. Ultrahigh-throughput screening in drop-based microfluidics for directed evolution. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.107(9):4004-9. PMCID: 2840095.
#Verhounig A, Karcher D, Bock R. Inducible gene expression from the plastid genome by a synthetic riboswitch. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.107(14):6204-9. PMCID: 2852001.
#zhang pmid=14726590
#antonczak pmid=19666472
#zhou pmid=20175178
#to pmid=20185727
#jones pmid=19265475
#ellis pmid=19377462
#liu pmid=19416889
#burns pmid=19589923
#friedland pmid=19478183
#mitchell pmid=19536156
#kudla pmid=19359587
#ray pmid=19098893
#ranguphan pmid=19151732
#han pmid=19135890
#fung pmid=15875027
#cantone pmid=19327819
#kempe pmid=19359021
#tokuriki pmid=19494908
#eldar pmid=19578359

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2014 Spring

Date Time Location Paper Moderator
21-Apr 11:00 am Spilker 143 Enquist-Newman Kate
19-May 11:00 am Spilker 143
16-Jun 11:00 am Spilker 143

Suggested Future Papers

  • suggestions with pmid links. Click on an author name to go to the paper OR click on the HubMed link at the bottom of the page to see all abstracts.
  1. Chapman EG, Costantino DA, Rabe JL, Moon SL, Wilusz J, Nix JC, and Kieft JS. . pmid:24744377. PubMed HubMed [Chapman]
  2. Fica SM, Mefford MA, Piccirilli JA, and Staley JP. . pmid:24747940. PubMed HubMed [Fica]
  3. Lee JH, Daugharthy ER, Scheiman J, Kalhor R, Yang JL, Ferrante TC, Terry R, Jeanty SS, Li C, Amamoto R, Peters DT, Turczyk BM, Marblestone AH, Inverso SA, Bernard A, Mali P, Rios X, Aach J, and Church GM. . pmid:24578530. PubMed HubMed [Lee]
  4. Lee K, Cui Y, Lee LP, and Irudayaraj J. . pmid:24747838. PubMed HubMed [Lee]
  5. Wang BL, Ghaderi A, Zhou H, Agresti J, Weitz DA, Fink GR, and Stephanopoulos G. . pmid:24705516. PubMed HubMed [Wang]
  6. Saldaña-Meyer R, González-Buendía E, Guerrero G, Narendra V, Bonasio R, Recillas-Targa F, and Reinberg D. . pmid:24696455. PubMed HubMed [Saldana-Meyer]
  7. Liu Y, Samuel BS, Breen PC, and Ruvkun G. . pmid:24695221. PubMed HubMed [Liu]
  8. Cao J, Arha M, Sudrik C, Schaffer DV, and Kane RS. . pmid:24677733. PubMed HubMed [Cao]
  9. Annaluru N, Muller H, Mitchell LA, Ramalingam S, Stracquadanio G, Richardson SM, Dymond JS, Kuang Z, Scheifele LZ, Cooper EM, Cai Y, Zeller K, Agmon N, Han JS, Hadjithomas M, Tullman J, Caravelli K, Cirelli K, Guo Z, London V, Yeluru A, Murugan S, Kandavelou K, Agier N, Fischer G, Yang K, Martin JA, Bilgel M, Bohutski P, Boulier KM, Capaldo BJ, Chang J, Charoen K, Choi WJ, Deng P, DiCarlo JE, Doong J, Dunn J, Feinberg JI, Fernandez C, Floria CE, Gladowski D, Hadidi P, Ishizuka I, Jabbari J, Lau CY, Lee PA, Li S, Lin D, Linder ME, Ling J, Liu J, Liu J, London M, Ma H, Mao J, McDade JE, McMillan A, Moore AM, Oh WC, Ouyang Y, Patel R, Paul M, Paulsen LC, Qiu J, Rhee A, Rubashkin MG, Soh IY, Sotuyo NE, Srinivas V, Suarez A, Wong A, Wong R, Xie WR, Xu Y, Yu AT, Koszul R, Bader JS, Boeke JD, and Chandrasegaran S. . pmid:24674868. PubMed HubMed [Annaluru]
  10. Kotula JW, Kerns SJ, Shaket LA, Siraj L, Collins JJ, Way JC, and Silver PA. . pmid:24639514. PubMed HubMed [Kotula]
  11. Church GM, Elowitz MB, Smolke CD, Voigt CA, and Weiss R. . pmid:24622617. PubMed HubMed [Church]
  12. Karas BJ, Jablanovic J, Irvine E, Sun L, Ma L, Weyman PD, Gibson DG, Glass JI, Venter JC, Hutchison CA 3rd, Smith HO, and Suzuki Y. . pmid:24603933. PubMed HubMed [Karas]
  13. Ding BJ, Hofvander P, Wang HL, Durrett TP, Stymne S, and Löfstedt C. . pmid:24569486. PubMed HubMed [Ding]
  14. Velagapudi SP, Gallo SM, and Disney MD. . pmid:24509821. PubMed HubMed [Velagapudi]
  15. Blazeck J, Hill A, Liu L, Knight R, Miller J, Pan A, Otoupal P, and Alper HS. . pmid:24445655. PubMed HubMed [Blazeck]
  16. Avendaño MS, Leidy C, and Pedraza JM. . pmid:24189549. PubMed HubMed [Avendano]
  17. Qi L, Lucks JB, Liu CC, Mutalik VK, and Arkin AP. . pmid:22383579. PubMed HubMed [Qi]
  18. Birmingham WR, Starbird CA, Panosian TD, Nannemann DP, Iverson TM, and Bachmann BO. . pmid:24657930. PubMed HubMed [Birmingham]
All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

This last HubMed link seems to work. Click on it to bring up all the abstracts. This should facilitate voting. To add your paper this way, get the pmid from pubmed, and follow the format when editing. The PubMed link doesn't seem to work. Anyone know why?

Comments on Papers

Voting on Papers

Vote for May 19st, 2014

  • Chapman:
  • Fica:
  • Lee & Church:MHM, SG, JX
  • Lee & Irudayaraj:
  • Wang: YL, KT, SG
  • Saldana-Meyer:
  • Liu:
  • Cao:
  • Annaluru: YL, MHM only if Remus moderates :), IJT
  • Kotula: IJT, KYW
  • Church:
  • Karas:
  • Lee:
  • Ding:
  • Velagapudi:
  • Blazeck:
  • Avendano:
  • Qi:
  • Birmingham: KT

Vote for Apr. 21st, 2014

  • Creasey et al:
  • Church et al:KYW
  • Olson et al:
  • Karas et al: KT
  • Lee et al: MHM, MM
  • Ding et al: YL
  • Fossati et al:
  • Velagapudi et al:KYW
  • Blazeck et al: KT, MS
  • Lienert et al:
  • Enquist-Newman et al: YL, MS, RW, SG
  • Wang et al:
  • Avendaño et al: MHM
  • Bogorad et al:
  • Qi & Arkin et al: MM
  • Ausländer et al:
  • Birmingham et al: SG
  • Matthews et al:

Past Papers

  • Past papers
  1. Fica SM, Tuttle N, Novak T, Li NS, Lu J, Koodathingal P, Dai Q, Staley JP, and Piccirilli JA. . pmid:24196718. PubMed HubMed [Fica]
  2. Wang X, Lu Z, Gomez A, Hon GC, Yue Y, Han D, Fu Y, Parisien M, Dai Q, Jia G, Ren B, Pan T, and He C. . pmid:24284625. PubMed HubMed [Wang]
  3. Ding Y, Tang Y, Kwok CK, Zhang Y, Bevilacqua PC, and Assmann SM. . pmid:24270811. PubMed HubMed [Ding]
  4. Alberts B, Kirschner MW, Tilghman S, and Varmus H. . pmid:24733905. PubMed HubMed [Alberts]
  5. Creasey KM, Zhai J, Borges F, Van Ex F, Regulski M, Meyers BC, and Martienssen RA. . pmid:24670663. PubMed HubMed [Creasey]
  6. Olson EJ, Hartsough LA, Landry BP, Shroff R, and Tabor JJ. . pmid:24608181. PubMed HubMed [Olson]
  7. Fossati E, Ekins A, Narcross L, Zhu Y, Falgueyret JP, Beaudoin GA, Facchini PJ, and Martin VJ. . pmid:24513861. PubMed HubMed [Fossati]
  8. Lienert F, Lohmueller JJ, Garg A, and Silver PA. . pmid:24434884. PubMed HubMed [Lienert]
  9. Enquist-Newman M, Faust AM, Bravo DD, Santos CN, Raisner RM, Hanel A, Sarvabhowman P, Le C, Regitsky DD, Cooper SR, Peereboom L, Clark A, Martinez Y, Goldsmith J, Cho MY, Donohoue PD, Luo L, Lamberson B, Tamrakar P, Kim EJ, Villari JL, Gill A, Tripathi SA, Karamchedu P, Paredes CJ, Rajgarhia V, Kotlar HK, Bailey RB, Miller DJ, Ohler NL, Swimmer C, and Yoshikuni Y. . pmid:24291791. PubMed HubMed [Enquist-Newman]
  10. Bogorad IW, Lin TS, and Liao JC. . pmid:24077099. PubMed HubMed [Bogorad]
  11. Ausländer S, Ausländer D, Müller M, Wieland M, and Fussenegger M. . pmid:22722847. PubMed HubMed [Auslander]
  12. Matthews ML, Chang WC, Layne AP, Miles LA, Krebs C, and Bollinger JM Jr. . pmid:24463698. PubMed HubMed [Matthews]
  13. Nishimasu H, Ran FA, Hsu PD, Konermann S, Shehata SI, Dohmae N, Ishitani R, Zhang F, and Nureki O. . pmid:24529477. PubMed HubMed [Nishimasu]
  14. Hammerling MJ, Ellefson JW, Boutz DR, Marcotte EM, Ellington AD, and Barrick JE. . pmid:24487692. PubMed HubMed [Hammerling]
  15. Moses T, Pollier J, Almagro L, Buyst D, Van Montagu M, Pedreño MA, Martins JC, Thevelein JM, and Goossens A. . pmid:24434554. PubMed HubMed [Moses]
  16. Mutalik VK, Qi L, Guimaraes JC, Lucks JB, and Arkin AP. . pmid:22446835. PubMed HubMed [Mutalik]
  17. Carter GT. . pmid:24468674. PubMed HubMed [Carter]
  18. Li H, Opgenorth PH, Wernick DG, Rogers S, Wu TY, Higashide W, Malati P, Huo YX, Cho KM, and Liao JC. . pmid:22461604. PubMed HubMed [Li_H]
  19. Paddon CJ, Westfall PJ, Pitera DJ, Benjamin K, Fisher K, McPhee D, Leavell MD, Tai A, Main A, Eng D, Polichuk DR, Teoh KH, Reed DW, Treynor T, Lenihan J, Fleck M, Bajad S, Dang G, Dengrove D, Diola D, Dorin G, Ellens KW, Fickes S, Galazzo J, Gaucher SP, Geistlinger T, Henry R, Hepp M, Horning T, Iqbal T, Jiang H, Kizer L, Lieu B, Melis D, Moss N, Regentin R, Secrest S, Tsuruta H, Vazquez R, Westblade LF, Xu L, Yu M, Zhang Y, Zhao L, Lievense J, Covello PS, Keasling JD, Reiling KK, Renninger NS, and Newman JD. . pmid:23575629. PubMed HubMed [Paddon]
  20. Sandoval NR, Kim JY, Glebes TY, Reeder PJ, Aucoin HR, Warner JR, and Gill RT. . pmid:22689973. PubMed HubMed [sandoval]
  21. Douglas SM, Bachelet I, and Church GM. . pmid:22344439. PubMed HubMed [douglas]
  22. Fu J, Bian X, Hu S, Wang H, Huang F, Seibert PM, Plaza A, Xia L, Müller R, Stewart AF, and Zhang Y. . pmid:22544021. PubMed HubMed [fu]
  23. Paige JS, Wu KY, and Jaffrey SR. . pmid:21798953. PubMed HubMed [paige]
  24. Paige JS, Nguyen-Duc T, Song W, and Jaffrey SR. . pmid:22403384. PubMed HubMed [paige]
  25. Pinheiro VB, Taylor AI, Cozens C, Abramov M, Renders M, Zhang S, Chaput JC, Wengel J, Peak-Chew SY, McLaughlin SH, Herdewijn P, and Holliger P. . pmid:22517858. PubMed HubMed [pinheiro]
  26. Sharon E, Kalma Y, Sharp A, Raveh-Sadka T, Levo M, Zeevi D, Keren L, Yakhini Z, Weinberger A, and Segal E. . pmid:22609971. PubMed HubMed [sharon]
  27. Karr JR, Sanghvi JC, Macklin DN, Gutschow MV, Jacobs JM, Bolival B Jr, Assad-Garcia N, Glass JI, and Covert MW. . pmid:22817898. PubMed HubMed [karr]
  28. Jinek M, Chylinski K, Fonfara I, Hauer M, Doudna JA, and Charpentier E. . pmid:22745249. PubMed HubMed [jinek]
  29. Qi L, Haurwitz RE, Shao W, Doudna JA, and Arkin AP. . pmid:22983090. PubMed HubMed [qi]
  30. Choi YJ and Lee SY. . pmid:24077097. PubMed HubMed [Choi]
  31. Salmena L, Poliseno L, Tay Y, Kats L, and Pandolfi PP. . pmid:21802130. PubMed HubMed [salmena]
  32. Cong L, Ran FA, Cox D, Lin S, Barretto R, Habib N, Hsu PD, Wu X, Jiang W, Marraffini LA, and Zhang F. . pmid:23287718. PubMed HubMed [Cong]
  33. Mali P, Yang L, Esvelt KM, Aach J, Guell M, DiCarlo JE, Norville JE, and Church GM. . pmid:23287722. PubMed HubMed [Mali]
  34. Hwang WY, Fu Y, Reyon D, Maeder ML, Tsai SQ, Sander JD, Peterson RT, Yeh JR, and Joung JK. . pmid:23360964. PubMed HubMed [Hwang]
  35. Jiang W, Bikard D, Cox D, Zhang F, and Marraffini LA. . pmid:23360965. PubMed HubMed [Jiang]
  36. Cho SW, Kim S, Kim JM, and Kim JS. . pmid:23360966. PubMed HubMed [Cho]
  37. Coelho PS, Brustad EM, Kannan A, and Arnold FH. . pmid:23258409. PubMed HubMed [Coelho]
  38. Spitale RC, Crisalli P, Flynn RA, Torre EA, Kool ET, and Chang HY. . pmid:23178934. PubMed HubMed [Spitale]
  39. Frieda KL and Block SM. . pmid:23087247. PubMed HubMed [block]
  40. Wargacki AJ, Leonard E, Win MN, Regitsky DD, Santos CN, Kim PB, Cooper SR, Raisner RM, Herman A, Sivitz AB, Lakshmanaswamy A, Kashiyama Y, Baker D, and Yoshikuni Y. . pmid:22267807. PubMed HubMed [wargacki]
  41. Bonacci W, Teng PK, Afonso B, Niederholtmeyer H, Grob P, Silver PA, and Savage DF. . pmid:22184212. PubMed HubMed [bonacci]
  42. Carothers JM, Goler JA, Juminaga D, and Keasling JD. . pmid:22194579. PubMed HubMed [carothers]
  43. Conrado RJ, Wu GC, Boock JT, Xu H, Chen SY, Lebar T, Turnšek J, Tomšič N, Avbelj M, Gaber R, Koprivnjak T, Mori J, Glavnik V, Vovk I, Benčina M, Hodnik V, Anderluh G, Dueber JE, Jerala R, and DeLisa MP. . pmid:22021385. PubMed HubMed [conrado]
  44. Dellomonaco C, Clomburg JM, Miller EN, and Gonzalez R. . pmid:21832992. PubMed HubMed [dellomonaco]
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  62. Zhang F, Carothers J, Keasling JD. Design of a dynamic sensor-regulator system for production of chemicals and fuels derived from fatty acids. Nature Biotechnology 2012, doi:10.1038/nbt.2149 [sensor]
All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed
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