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This page contains the publicly available protocols developed to date with EDEN funding.

Some protocols were developed by EDEN exchange participants (graduate students, postdocs, or faculty). Other protocols were developed by undergraduate students who held EDEN summer internships (indicated with an asterisk *).


Genetic transformation of bunchberry dogwood (Cornus canadensis) using Agrobacterium Suspension. Developed by Chris Trlica (North Carolina State University) during a summer internship in the Xiang lab.*[1]

Spore germination and sex ration determination in moss. Developed by Tatum Norrell (University of Florida) during a summer internship in the McDaniel lab.*[2]

Genetic transformation of moss (Ceratodon purpureus). Developed by Pierre-Francois Perroud of the Quatrano lab during an exchange visit to the McDaniel lab.[3]

Estimating mesophyll conductance using combined gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. Developed by Christopher Muir of the Moyle lab during an exchange visit to the Galmes lab.[4]

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