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Recent discussions

4 February 2016

  N    23:56 Talk:Biology 210 at AU:Lab Members (diff; hist) . .  (+2,750) . . Keanan K. McDaniel (Talk | contribs) (New page: '''2/5/16 Notebook entry 3: Microbiology and identifying Bacteria''' Purpose:the Characterization of different species of bacteria by observing the motility, gram stain, colony morphology...)

Active topics under consideration

Please feel free to add and remove topics from this list. This is meant as a place for the all OpenWetWare users to organize ongoing specific discussions.

2/20/2007 -- Web of public wiki's
Should we implement a web of independent public wiki's?
2/17/2007 -- Proposed new steering committee positions
Should we create some new steering committee positions?
1/17/06 -- Responding to NSF regarding grant proposal
NSF has a few concerns regarding our grant proposal. Chime in to the response.
11/10/06 -- Image Editor
An SVG image editor embedded in the wiki
11/10/06 -- Protocol Editors/Curators
Is it a good idea to have a named editor/curator for consensus protocols? Discuss here.
11/9/06 -- OpenWetWare Directory
A discussion of how to best implement a directory for users/job-searching/etc.
11/8/06 -- A Nature Methods article on OWW protocols
James Hadfield is leading the writing of a brief correspondence regarding OWW protocols for Nature Methods. Contributions welcome.
10/21/06 -- Copyright licenses for images
Should images be capable of being licensed differently from "regular" OWW content?
10/17/06 -- Should we have private pages on OWW?
We're once again revisiting the topic of controlling access to pages.
10/17/06 -- Protocol aggregation
We're once again revisiting the topic of protocol organization. Chime in!
OpenWetWare T-shirts
We're designing T shirts!
Dynamic ranking of OWW pages via Reddit
We're considering using Reddit to dynamically vote on OWW pages. Would it be useful?
Flexible Science Databases with OWW
A discussion of how to implement/integrate easy-to-make databases within OWW. Expertise needed.

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