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The Following OpenWetWare Material entries have been tagged with the "Category" tag but do not currently fit into the subcategories we already have defined.

Please help out by adding additional category tags.

The Category tree below shows all of the current pages as well as categorirs supported by OpenWetWare.

If there is a problem with the category tree please refer to the Materials Talk page for information on how we are attempting to implement a better system for handling materials. We will follow the same steps for protocols once we know what kind of tools are needed to do the job.

Please comment on this page's talk page regarding how you think this particular task can best be accomplished.

Note: just because there is no application support top make this job go faster does not mean that it can't be done. We sometimes take the current state of a system as the 'status quo' and not think it can change. We're trying to evolve some of the more free-wheeling wiki markup procedures to better cope with structured data.

Use the +/- labels to expand and collapse the categories.

Clicking on any link will take you to the appropriate page. To add a new Category tag, use the existing category you believe best describes the content of a page and inserting it in a category tag at the end of a page. by definition, every page in this list already belongs to the Materials category. Add a new category tag on the same line or below the existing category tag to set the additional category. Category tags look like this:


Please pay particular attention to the long list of OWW pages listed below the collapsed set of categories at the start of the list.

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