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! <Big>Final Construct
! <Big>Final Construct
| [[Image:Imperial_2008_Named_Circuitry.jpg|300px]]   
| [[Image:Imperial_2008_Named_Circuitry.jpg|400px]]   

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Cloning Strategy

The Imperial iGEM 2008 team faces the mammoth task of working with a chassis that has been rarely used in the competition so far. This leaves us with many challenges to overcome, in particular having to work from the ground up.

This also makes our cloning strategy highly complicated. In order to building increasingly complicated constructs for our final product, we must first build and test simpler parts and devices.

This is the overall cloning strategy for our project. A summary of constructs that should be produced by the end of each phase for testing is shown below:

Phase 1
Phase 2A Phase 2B
Phase 3A Phase 3B
Phase 4A Phase 4B
Final Construct

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