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TesA/RBS Ligation Attempt 2

  • Checked DNA concentrations
TesA= 11.99 ng/μL ; RBS=32.99 ng/μL
  • When divided by the number of base pairs: [TesA]=.018 and [RBS]=.016
  • Ligation
Reagent (μL) Volume (μL)
DNA(plasmid) 1.0 μL RBS, 2.0 μL TesA
10X buffer 1.0
dH2O 5.0
Ligaze 1.0
  10.0 μL --> 25°C/ ~1 Hr.
  • After ligation, the mixture was heated to 65°C for 10 min. to denature the ligaze.
  • Transformation was then performed.
  • Transformation
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