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BIOMOD 2013 The Rising Power


WELCOME to the website of The Rising Power from Hong Kong Baptist University!
In this year, we are determined to explore the potential application of DNA origami, a sophisticated nanoscale artwork, in the field of biomedical technology. Come and check our funny YouTube video and how our design successfully works under microscopic observation!

Beta-amyloid fibrils was clearly monitored under both fluorescence microscope and atomic force microscope using small DNA origami. Check Design for details.


Project Highlights

1. Serve as an effective biosensor for targeting specific molecules, such as proteins.

2. Functionalize DNA origami through the powerful biotin-streptavidin interaction, which facilitates DNA origami to be utilized in biomedical science and technology.

3. Reveal a promising potential for developing biocompatible nanomaterials to detect cellular and molecular components and assist drug delivery, which advance clinically disease diagnosis such as Alzheimer's Disease.

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