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The BioMicro Center has developed and manages a computational infrastructure to support our genomics experimentation and bioinformatics analysis. In response to requests from our users, we have expanded these servers to create a new collaborative computational environment at MIT. These public servers are designed to offer CORE labs access to inexpensive analysis and storage systems that piggy-back on the existing infrastructure.


Large scale data storage is available through the BioMicro Center. Space is available in 1TB increments on an annual basis. The storage is accessible from Window, Macintosh and Linux operating systems and is backed up by MIT's TSM service.

We strongly encourage all labs using Illumina sequencing or bioinformatics analysis to have networked data storage. Either Rowley or BMC-PUB storage is *required* to utilize our computer cluster or our GALAXY server.


Data storage on the Rowley Isilon Cluster is available to Koch Institute members only. Currently the first TB is available free of charge to KI members with additional terabytes requiring chargeback. For more information, please contact Charlie Whittaker in the KI Bioinformatics and Computing Core.


BMC-pub server
BMC-pub server

Data storage on the BMC-PUB systems is available to all CORE members. The BMC-PUB systems provide a similar level of data security and accessibility as the Rowley cluster using a 100% cost recovery model that allows for replacement of the data storage server every three years. Currently, the BMC-PUB system is composed of seven 16 or 48TB servers using a RAID6 architecture. Technical details about the servers can be found HERE.

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